Friday, May 19, 2006

Lib Dems Gain West Lindsey District Council

This week's by-elections saw the Lib Dems gain Gainsborough Lea ward from an Independent. The result means that West Lindsey DC is now LD 19, Con 17, Ind 1 and the Lib Dems have majority control of a council that until May 4th was Tory.As the (volunteer) Local Elections Officer for the East Midlands Lib Dems I can tell you that the Lib Dems now have majorities on 3 councils in the region. Also

Targetting those..... Part 2

Back to the 4x4 /SUV issue (and I see the Lib Dem VED and indeed air travel policies have got some publicity today)I was accused of demonising all 4x4 drivers. Well I wouldn't quite call it that but perhaps I could have been more precise:- Not all 4x4s are the top polluters;- so it follows that not all 4x4 drivers are selfish. And of course some 4x4s are essential for professional use.But there